Layered Faith

Faith is really required to be on this journey with God. I like to think of it as layered faith. Your God given purpose will require you to have layers of faith as you journey through life. Perfected By Faith is truth untold. It’s mysteries lead to a world full of faith, hope, and love. Purpose should fuel your entire existence on this earth. Ultimately, we know that faith without works is dead. So perfect your faith through your work. 

Perfected By Faith is a purpose-driven brand. Our sole mission is to inspire young men and women to reach greater heights by stirring up their faith in Christ through fashion. This brand will transcend across cultures and generations in order to break down barriers in the beauty and fashion industry. 

Perfected By Faith will be launching its very first summer collection this July! Collection Two will channel distinctive conversations about fashion, while also focusing on having a “layering” effect through different types and textures of fabrics. This summer collection was handmade in Pakistan; using a mix of cotton luxury fabrics in order to express functionality and versatility. A presentation of multifaceted combinations that include relaxed-wear and streetwear. Collection Two introduces intricate styles with a twist on fabrics. These modern looks make it easy to transition from day to night due to the layering effects of intermixed textiles. 

The first summer collection from Perfected By Faith has completely revolutionized different types and textures of fabrics in order to express functionality and versatility. The new collection: themed “White Roses” shows forth what it means to embark on new beginnings and to embrace youthfulness. CEO Floryn Ajuzie said “this collection goes into the layers of a white rose, not in a literal sense but with a maverick demeanor”. “Layers of faith are required to really be on this journey called life” said Floryn. PBF collection two coins the statement of “being outside” and will display many looks that will be unique in every way. Collection two is more vibrant and expressive, making it more achievable to from day to night due to the layering effects of intermixed textiles. Overall, this summer collection is truth untold, and its mysteries lead to a place full of faith, hope, and love.

Perfected By Faith released Collection One back in November 2020; since then, PBF has not stopped getting recognition for its diverse and quality driven pieces. Collection Two will completely revolutionize the meaning of “summer wear” with conversational pieces that will make you think “summer should be all year round”. Perfected By Faith is dedicated to creating well-tailored luxury street wear. The manufacturers are committed to making each item of clothing a conversational piece that will last throughout the ages.


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