When I started this journey with God, I had always wondered about this word called “purpose”. In the beginning, the word “purpose” sounded so mysterious and almost unattainable. I felt even deflated at times because I could not accurately say or describe what my purpose was until one day I heard this pastor online say that “purpose is whatever God places in your hand at the moment”. 

I noticed how a lot of clothing brands would make a lot of noise about their products, but often seemed to lack a lasting message behind their items. I decided that I wanted to create clothes with a strategic and intentional message because clothes have the power to shape and alter generations. In each collection, we use cotton luxury fabrics in order to express functionality and versatility. Our modern clothing pieces are easy to transition from day to night due to the layering effects of intermixed textiles.

My hope is that my clothing pieces will spark conversations centered around purpose. Perfected By Faith will motivate young adults to live their lives on purpose! The Bible says, “Faith without works is dead” so in order to fulfil your God given calling, you must perfect your faith through your purpose-filled works.